Global Education & Examination

We provide a training program specially tailored for educating hotel staff and those in the service industry, both inside and outside Japan. The program is designed to give participants an understanding of the importance of implementing the ideas of universal design, in terms of both customer service and facilities provided.
Those who have participated in the program can then take an examination, with successful candidates registered as members. The training course is held at regular intervals, enabling participants to keep enhancing their knowledge, skills and techniques. The next course is scheduled for April 2015.
Sample Contents of Training Course
- Group Discussion
- Study (Universal Design, normalization, gerontology etc.)
- Practical Skills (Disability/old age simulation program, ways to assist the elderly and disabled)
- Japanese spirit of “omotenashi,” learning about Japanese Culture
- Sign language (Japanese/American)
- Braille
- Lectures about specialized fields from visiting experts
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