Princess Weddings
With the help of our white wedding chair, Isco, designed especially for weddings, and its special matching bridal dress, we will put together a unique ceremony that is just right for you. The Isco wheelchair enables you to relax and enjoy your special day as much as you can. We want you to look and feel just like a princess from the moment you put your wedding dress on. After all, the bigger your smile, the more radiant you will look!
Special features
1) Isco, our wheelchair specially developed for use during wedding ceremonies, is operated by an easy-to-use control panel with push buttons, enabling you to move it vertically up and down, turn round in a circle, move to the side, and to change direction at will. The elevating seat can be raised to a height of up to 70 cm, so you can show off your wedding dress as if you’re standing, while still remaining seated. (Naturally, we can guarantee that this is both safe and comfortable!) On your special day, you will see the world from a different perspective. In fact, you will be a princess for the day! Your radiant smile will be the best present that you can give your parents and guests. The seat can be raised and lowered freely between the heights of 43cm and 70cm.
2) The Isco power wheelchair can turn and make small movements very easily, meaning there are no obstacles to the ceremony progressing just as you imagined. All the different parts of the wedding that require movement—your mother putting on your veil, walking down the aisle with your father, the exchange of rings and the signing of the register—will now be ever so easy to manage.
3) After your mother has put on your veil, it’s time to walk down the aisle with your father. Your power wheelchair will enable you to move slowly in time to the music, at just the same pace as your father, toward the front of the chapel where the groom is waiting for you.
4) With a vertically adjustable chair, you will be able to use the standard facilities at the wedding venue, meaning you’ll have no need to request special equipment such as low tables.
Wedding Dress
1) The dress can be put on while you’re sitting in the chair or while lying down.
2) We’ve made it adjustable, to ensure the perfect fit. The fitted chest gives an elegant, feminine shape, and a relaxed waistline gives maximum comfort.
3) We’ve put a lot of thought into the design of this dress, and the result is a charming dress that every bride-to-be will be begging to try on!
4) Your groom can pick you up in style! Bearing this special occasion in mind, we’ve designed the dress especially so that you can give added flounce to the rear silhouette of your dress for a truly beautiful shape when the bridegroom picks you up in his arms—and all with a single movement of your hand!
5) Two great chances to surprise your guests! - You can remove or add sections to your wedding dress after the ceremony or at the reception banquet itself, to the delight of your guests. - You can remove the lower section of your wedding dress while your wedding chair is lowered, to reveal an alluring mini-dress underneath. 140918-1-03_en
6) Wedding Footwear We’ve developed adjustable, flexible footwear to fully complement your dress. Choose from three stylish options: wedding pumps, boots and pumps with ankle foot orthosis.
sub-img-214_en An original fragrance for the bride on her wedding day!
1) Enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by a gorgeous fragrance each step of your way down the aisle. We’ve developed an innovative dress that releases its own fragrance. We also have a special gift for the bride to commemorate her wedding, and remember it by. What is it, you ask? You’ll have to wait until your big day to find out…
2) We’ll put together a soundtrack for the wedding ceremony with the happy couple’s favorite music. We can offer help editing music to make sure the tempo and dynamics are suitable for each individual part of the ceremony. This soundtrack then serves as a way of giving signals to the couple, so they know exactly when to do what in the wedding ceremony.
3) We will also create a unique song especially for the couple, with lyrics expressing the bride and bridegroom’s feelings of gratitude to their parents.
sub-img-215_en Providing wedding ceremonies incorporating sign-language, mouthing (with speech) and Braille notation.
1) We make sure that the person leading the ceremony and the sign-language interpreter are always working together so that the bride and bridegroom and the guests are all aware of everything that is going on in the ceremony at the moment it happens. We also like to teach all the guests some simple sign-language (for example, how to show applause, or to say “congratulations”), so that everyone can sign together with big smiles on their faces when the couple enter and leave the wedding venue.
2) We can use the chapel’s facilities or a specially installed screen to show a short movie of the couple’s lives, from their childhood right through until the time they met (contingent on the particular wedding venue).
3) We will also invite along Smile-san, Smile Essence LLC.’s unique signing character, to liven up the ceremony!
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